Frontier Research on Intelligent Robotics of Beijing Institute of Technology
講師: Prof. Qiang Huang 中国 北京理工大学知能ロボット研究所長
日時: 2012年7月30日(月) 9:00〜10:00
場所: 岡山大学工学部1号館第7講義室
【講演概要】Institute of Intelligent Robotics of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT -IRI) is a key laboratory of biomimetic robots and systems of Ministry of Education, China. BIT -IRI is recommended by China ministry of industry and information technology. There are three frontier research directions in the laboratory which were showed as follows: (1) Kinetic Biomimetics (2) Bio-Sensing and Interaction (3) Cybernetics and Systems Integration The laboratory has achieved a series of accomplishments of robot design and key parts development. There are the Five Generation Humanoid Robots, i.e. BHR-1 to BHR-5. BHR-5 is the latest generation of them. It broke through the key technologies like distinguishing of high-speed objects, dynamic balance regulation, and realized the demonstration of humanoid robots playing ping-pong. Some other platforms are developed: Space robot, Medical and Rehabilitation Robot, Investigation/ Exploration/ EOD robot and Distributed multi-sensors test system.

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